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Below you will find a list of helpful resources for GPs and practices. Should you require more historic to those held below, they can be requested by getting in touch with us directly.

Private Provider Requests
Private Interface Statement
Word Document
University Medical Certificates - Fitness to work
Word Document
Conjunctivitis in Nurseries
Word Document
Data Protection Act
Word Document
Duty of Candour
Word Document
Firearms Certificates
Word Document
GANFYD (Getting a letter from your Doctor)
Word Document
Hepatitis B Document
Word Document
Welfare Reforms
Word Document
Chair’s report (2022 AGM )
Medical Director’s Report ( 2022 AGM )
Medical Director’s Report ( 2021 AGM )
Chair's Report ( 2021 AGM )
David Small Presentation (AGM 2020)
Medical Director's Report (AGM 2020)
Carey Lunan Presentation (AGM 2020)
Chair's Report - Drummond Begg (AGM 2020)
General Practice 2021 - Drummond Begg
Chair's Report - Drummond Begg (AGM 2019)
Chair's Report - Drummond Begg (2018 AGM)
David Small Presentation (AGM 2019)
Stewart Mercer Presentation (AGM 2019)
Academic GP Career Pathways (PDF)
Future of Undergrad Education in General Practice
Supporting Lothian’s Cluster Quality Leads
Review of GP Cluster Working in NHS Lothian
Postgrad Training Presentation
Daphne Romney QC Report
SLMC 2019 Conference webcast (external video link)
Chronic Disease Quality Planning - Executive Summary
Chronic Disease Quality Planning - Full Report
Health Inequalities In Scotland

Below you can find a list of the LMC’s regular newsletters available for download. If you would like more historic newsletters please get in touch with the committee directly.

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Doctors Support Resource List
Mental Health Apps doc
A list of free to access apps to help manage mental healthDownload File

You can find all the latest resources and downloads relative to COVID-19 in our Coronavirus specific page here: